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Captain Chaos Guided Musky Service

Bryan Reilly: "I've been a lifetime fisherman for all species, but had never done any musky fishing. I decide to try it with Brian, and had a great experience!  Brian was very knowledgeable about the fish, and an excellent teacher.  He provides all tackle and equipment, and is a great instructor on how to properly use it. With success on my first trip, I've been hooked. I've been out a total of three times with Brian, each producing fish, and always end it looking to plan our next outing. Beyond being a great fisherman and guide, Brian is also a good conversationalist, and someone that you wouldn't mind spending 8 hours on the water with- some great stories!  Thanks again B and looking forward to our next trip!"

Kellen Campbell: "I have fished with Brian many times, all over lakes in Western PA and beyond. He helped me get started fishing Musky and shortened my learning curve big time. I am a more advanced musky angler now because of him. However he is still eager to answer questions and allow me to pick his brain on different techniques and presentations. Brian started as my guide. I now consider him a great friend and someone I enjoy being on the water with. He will put you on the fish and you will enjoy his company. His boat is custom specifically for musky fishing and great on any water big or small. Whether you are a beginner or advanced angler looking to learn more, Captain Chaos is a tremendous guide that I can not recommend him highly enough."