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Pennsylvania's musky fishing is on the rise due to new stocking practices, and our waters are producing some of the best results around.  Depending on location and time of year, several of our lakes are turning out some of the best numbers in the country, while others are producing some massive fish. 

One of Captain Brian's favorite times of year to fish is in the spring months and late into the fall, when fish are at their heaviest!!  With little to no natural reproduction and Pennsylvania's "no closed" season, anglers can start their musky season off early and target these giants year round.


The Beast of the East!!! What else needs to be said about Chautauqua Lake?  A natural 13,000 acre lake in southwest New York, this lake is a musky factory known world-wide!! The Chautauqua musky season opens the 4th Saturday in May (to protect the spawning fish) and is closed on December 1st.  Multi-fish days, 50 inch class monsters, this lake has it all.  Tactics can vary drastically on this lake, so if you're looking to learn some new tactics while ensuring large fish are seeing your presntation, this is the lake to explore.  

Chautauqua Lake

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